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XTZ Delegate

You love Tezos and so do we ! Safely earn more by letting XTZ delegate bake for you.

Why XTZ delegate ? 

We are an established Australian incorporated company that you can trust  delegating your Tezos to.
10% dynamic fee
Enterprise grade IT
Weekly payouts

Our Delegate Address


XTZ Delegate is brought to you by Digital Value Pty Ltd

Digital Value is an Australian based company whose executive staff are locals with a long term and traceable history working in finance, IT and IT security for some of Australia’s largest and most sensitive corporate and governments departments. Check us out here. See our privacy policy here.


How do I know how many rewards I should get ?
Go to this page on Tzscan and expand the cycles that are listed as “rew. delivered”. Check out how many XTZ have been delivered to us and the amount that we have received for baking on your behalf. We will send the rewards share tzscan reports to your KT address, minus our fees. The amount sent to you will be calculated as your reward share x 90% – tezos blockchain fees we incur sending the rewards to you.
Is there a minimum amount that I can delegate ?
There is no minimum.
Is XTZdelegate over delegated ?
We are not over delegated and are accepting new delegators.
When do I get my rewards ?
Tezos allows us to start baking for you 8 cycles after you have delegated to us and we will receive your baking rewards 6 cycles after that. Each cycle is approximately 3 days, so you can expect to start receiving payments within 50 days of delegating to us and every week afterwards. We will send rewards to your KT address on the next Sunday Australian time after we have received them.

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All our customers have now been sent payments for upto and including cycle 29. Payments have been made from a different address (tz1Z7HGaayrL4XDNQ7UyXe7L4wXboELkhBm3). If you have any questions, please drop us an email or hit us up on telegram.

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XTZ delegate team