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Getting started with Tezos

To get started with Tezos, you will need a wallet and some Tezos (XTZ). After that you can delegate your Tezos and receive a great compounding rate of return.  Delegating is like depositing with a bank, except there is no risk that the government or any group – including us – can take your Tezos. It is risk free. Like a bank you will get paid interest on the Tezos you delegate.  You will also the enjoy the likely great price appreciation of Tezos .

You can buy Tezos at exchanges like gate.io.

If you participated in  the ICO and want to claim your Tezos or have purchased Tezos from an exchange, the next thing you need to do is get a wallet.

There are two Tezos Wallets that have been verified by the Tezos foundation as being safe to use:

  1. Galleon is a desktop application which is available from here.
  2. Tezbox is a web and mobile wallet which is available from here.
Both are great and provide basically the same functionality. The following is a guide to setting up and using Tezos with your Galleon wallet. If your using Tezbox, the basics are pretty much the same, so feel free to watch these and apply them to Tezbox.

Galleon Tutorial: Creating and loading wallets

The following is a short tutorial on how to create a brand new Tezos wallet using Galleon.

Galleon Tutorial: Importing a fundraiser wallet

The following is a short tutorial on how to import your Tezos ICO fundraiser account in to your Galleon wallet. you can skip this if your Tezos has been purchased from an exchange by simply transferring your Tezos to the KT account you created.

Galleon Tutorial: Delegating Tez

Once you have some Tezos (XTZ) in your account, don’t forget to delegate to XTZdeleagte and you will start earning more Tezos ! Use this address tz1Xek93iSXXckyQ6aYLVS5Rr2tge2en7ZxS. It takes about 40 days from when you delegate before you will receive your first Tezos from a delegate and then you will receive them every week if you delegate with us.

Want to Know more ?

TZrate provides an excellent ratings service for Delegate, check them out here.

Mytezosbaker is another great place to find delegate.

 If you have any further questions, please reach out to us on Telegram  or send us an email